Global management

  • 20,00% HT du revenu global

Our mission, to save you time and money by replacing you without moderation! Our work here is, beyond the options above, to make us useful in tasks that do not correspond to your living environment, as well by the lack of time, your means, that simply the desire to do it.

A little feedback on the services offered in the overall management of your home:

Support, organization of the apartment “ready to use”: Depending on your needs, we put online the profile of your apartment, from text to taking beautiful photos, inventory up to increase your chances to share your cocoon.

We choose with you the booking requests of your travelers, according to your criteria and conditions, we take care to welcome your travelers, to clean, and to make your linen washed, ironed, tidy.


  • Direct relationship with the traveler: Our team, bilingual in English, is in charge of the follow-up of the exchanges and if necessary, questions relating to the district, to the outings, cards specifically prepared for the traveler (s).

  • Daily updated house calendar management

  • Availability and travel at any time to the apartment entrusted to us, in case of emergency.

We are almost available 7 days / 7 and 24 hours a day, subject to sleep a little!

We will grow to be able to become tomorrow’s babysitters of your apartments and serve you 24 hours a day!

Our compensation: The price of our work for Global Management is 20.00% excluding the total income of the host and the related services.