The concept

Check In The City’s concept is to save you money while you’re away.

You can leave peacefully, we take in hand your property. We welcome your travelers, handpicked, business or tourist trips from all walks of life, thanks to you, can discover unusual, atypical places. We put your apartment ready for your return.

hospitalite Hospitality
fidelite Loyalty
reactivite Reactivity
efficacite Efficiency
rentabilite Profitability

Agnès Combier worked for over twenty years in the financial markets in France and England.

She clearly saw the need to help and relieve owners who were renting short-term real estate when she was experimenting with renting her apartment when she was traveling.

She discovered the change in behavior of travelers who preferred private apartments to hotels. A new vacation mode for both tourists and businessmen was changing.

Thus Check In The City is born, a professional and exclusive concierge service at the complete disposal of the owners wishing to make their property profitable during their absence.

We cover Paris and some cities in the department of Hauts de Seine.


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