Global Services

  • 20% VAT of the global revenue €

Our mission, to save you time and money by replacing you without moderation!

We replace you in the tedious tasks as well by the lack of time, as simply the desire to do it.

Our goal: to optimize your property for additional income insured!

A glance at our proposed services:

  • Meeting with the owner to analyze together your criteria and rental conditions in order to attract the best travelers to your home
  • Put your “ready-to-use” apartment online on dedicated platforms. If necessary, a photographer can intervene to optimize the announcement of your apartment
  • Personalized welcome of travelers, handing over of keys
  • Availability and travel at any time in your home, in case of emergency.
  • Present at the departure of the travelers, we check that there are no problems in the apartment

We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, subject to a little sleep!

Our compensation: The price of our work for Global Service Management is 20.00% excluding the total income of the host and the related services.