Terms of Sales


These general conditions apply to the customer for any registration on the website of the company “Check in The City” and the signing of the agreement by the customer and knowingly.

The customer undertakes to respect all the stipulations of the contract and the general conditions of sale in his capacity of host with the company “Check In The City SARL” with the registered capital of 11.700 € registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies of Paris under number 813 131 547 and whose registered office is at 43, rue du General Delestraint 75016 Paris, France.

The registration of the customer with the company “Check In The City SARL” is conditioned by the acceptance by the customer of all these terms and conditions and the contract agreed between the parties.

It is already indicated that the website of the company “Check in The City SARL” is hosted by the company OVH SAS with a capital of 10.000.000 €, registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies under the number 424 761 419 RCS Roubaix and whose registered office is at 2 Rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix and that a malfunction of its functions can not lead to the responsibility of the company Check in the City.

1- Definitions

In these General Conditions of Sale (so-called GTC), it is agreed that the expressions or words will have the following meanings:

“CITC” means the company “Check In The City SARL”, the concierge company.

“Client” or “Host” means the person duly authorized to provide a property for an exclusively seasonal rental furnished, able to receive and accommodate people in conditions of security and hospitality that the customer s’ undertakes to comply with the law and in particular under any necessary authorization and any compulsory insurance.

“Seasonal rental” means an occupation limited in time and whose traveler (s) undertakes (s) to respect the previously established dates of his stay in the real estate property he has for a fixed period.

“Third Party Providers” means any legal or natural person offering either the services of its employees or its own services as an individual entrepreneur / self-employed person for the performance of one or more services within the framework of the management of a housing, reception and possibly accompanying travelers who stay there.

“Traveler” means any person who rents the accommodation of a guest for a fixed period of time, as part of a personal and / or professional trip.

“Service” means the performance of a service requested by the client.

“T & C” means the general conditions of sale that were given to the customer at the time of signing the present contract and the customer confirms by the signature of the contract to have read and respect them.

“Identification Codes” refers to all the information relating to each customer composed of an identifier (Name, first name, telephone number and email address) and a secure password chosen by the latter in order to access his own. member account.

2 – Object

The company “CITC” provides a service to the host so that his accommodation is made available to the traveler or travelers and is ready to welcome them.

“Customized” services, as defined below and provided by CITC, are intended to provide additional services to the booking of the accommodation by a customer for a traveler (s) from the site “Airbnb” and any other website that may be selected and subsequently selected by CITC.

The services of “Complete Conciergerie” as defined below and provided by the company CITC aims to offer a complete management of housing on a site approved if before and chosen by the client.

By consulting the site of the company CITC and using his services, the customer confirms that he has read and accepts without reservation these terms and conditions and the terms of the contract between the parties.

CITC reserves the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions on the website www.checkinthecity.fr.

Any modification of the general terms and conditions will be effective immediately from the publication of the modified general conditions on the CITC website, and this for the new service, which will be provided to the customer who, at the time of the new subscription, will have opted and acknowledged having Once again, I read the terms of the contract and the general conditions.

The customer is therefore invited to regularly consult these terms and conditions on the site.

These terms and conditions are inseparable from the conditions of use of the site and the policy of protection of personal data of the company CITC, which can be found on the website www.checkinthecity.fr

3 – Membership and Registration

Navigation on the website of CITC is free and free.

However, the client must, at the time of booking a mission, register and create a customer account under the conditions of this article.

At the time of registration, each customer must provide on the site his username (last name, first name, phone number and email address) and choose a personal password. The set constitutes his “Identifying Codes”.

Each customer recognizes his entire responsibility in the use that will be made of his identifiers codes as the site.

He undertakes to perform all the acts within this space which will be reserved to him under his own identifiers codes and all the acts carried out under these identifiers codes will be considered to have been made by himself.

In any event and especially in case of forgetfulness, misuse or unauthorized use of its identification codes by another customer or any third party, the responsibility of the company CITC can not and should not be in any case be sought.

In addition, the customer agrees and must immediately inform the company CITC of this situation, by email to the address hello@checkinthecity.fr and / or by mail to the following address: Check In The City SARL, 43 rue du General Delestraint – 75016 Paris.

Upon receipt of this duly justified written notification, the company CITC will proceed as soon as possible to the study of the file and may, for security reasons, suspend any access to the customer account on its site.

The CITC company will deal with the customer’s request as soon as possible and, in return and by e-mail, will send it the remainder and possibly the elements that will enable it, after verifying its identity, to use the services of the company again. CITC.

The customer remains, in any case, responsible for the use of his customer account by third parties until the modification of the information provided by the CITC company allowing him to use his services.

The customer guarantees the company CITC of any action or claim concerning the loss of data resulting from the loss or the fraudulent use of its codes Identifiers.

The customer agrees that the computer or electronic recordings made by the company CITC and / or its suppliers for the delivery of the services, of all operations accomplished in particular by means of his account customer, can be opposed or used before any administrative authority and / or judicial competent as evidence.

The customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, being informed that the site has been declared to the CNIL under the receipt number 2065206 and this , in accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978.

4 – Services

4.1 The “Customized”

Subject to the receipt of a valid service request (registration and signature of the contract by the parties), as defined below, CITC agrees to provide the customer, in accordance with the terms herein, as requested by the customer, one or more of the following services:

– The “Check-In” service corresponds to a set of missions within the framework of the reception and the preparation of the stay of the following travelers:


– Reception of the travelers,
– Verification of the identity,
– Examination of the accommodation with the traveler (s),
– Delivery of keys and a bottle of French wine offered specially and selected by CITC.
In order for CITC to be able to provide this service the customer will have to:

– Send by e-mail or by any other means, and 48 hours in advance, the precise address of the accommodation for a first visit and the delivery of sets of keys, the date and time of the reception of the or travelers,
– Keep the CITC company informed of any changes, without delay, in the schedule of the reception of the travelers.

CITC will provide 24/7 check-in service at no extra cost.

The Check-Out Service is a set of missions for the departure of the traveler (s).

This service can in no way be assimilated to an inventory of places of exit and no responsibility can be attributed and sought against CITC company in the case of degradations that would not have been noted during the service of departure by the service provider named below:


– Verification of the condition of the apartment,
– Resumption of all keys,
– Taxi booking for the traveler or travelers if needed
– Possible observation if a problem is found in the housing with information by sending an electronic message,

It may also be proposed to the customer additional services that are described in the context of rates in Article 5 of these general conditions of sale.

The cleaning service

– The cleaning service corresponds to a set of missions as part of the maintenance of the property rented by the host detailed below:

– Empty the trash,
– Perform an ordinary cleaning of the entire surface of the housing,
– Clean the bathroom, sinks, toilets etc …
– Make the beds used by the previous traveler (s) in the accommodation,
– Vacuuming which must be available and in working order in the dwelling on the carpet or carpets and clean the floor in the main rooms of the dwelling,
– Check if all electrical equipment and appliances (including light bulbs and TV remotes) in the housing are working properly,
– Carry out a final visual check to ensure that the accommodation is ready to accommodate the next traveler (s),
– Collect the linen used by the traveler (s), ie towels, tea towels and sheets (cleaning, drying, ironing and storage).

For this purpose, the customer agrees to provide the following for each reservation, unless otherwise explicitly stated:

– 1 set of spare linen for the entire accommodation that will be described at the time of booking and which will be made available to the CITC company in the accommodation provided,
– Delivery of complete sets of keys to access the accommodation for each reservation (and at least 2 for the provider, 2 for the traveler or travelers)
– Provision of all equipment and products in the house to carry out the household service (cleaning products in sufficient quantity, vacuum cleaner, brooms, washing machine, iron)

It may also be proposed to the customer additional services that are described in the context of Article 5 entitled “Rates” of these general conditions of sale.

4.2 – “Complete Concierge Service”

Subject to the receipt of a valid Service Request, as defined below, CITC agrees to provide Customer, with reasonable care and in accordance with the terms hereof, as requested by the Customer, Customer Service. following :

– The complete management service corresponds to a set of missions as part of the accompaniment of the stay of the traveler or passengers detailed below:

– Creating and uploading the profile of your home on an approved site previously recalled if necessary,
– Management of requests and exchanges with the traveler or travelers.
– Assistance to the traveler (s) 24/7
– Check-In and Check-Out,
– Management of the cleaning service.

A request to provide one of the services listed above may be requested

5 – Rates

Two options are available to the customer:

5.1 – 1st Option: Customized Service

In consideration of the realization of the services defined above, the customer pays at the time of the reservation of the service to the CITC company the lump sum described below broken down as follows:

Check-in or Check-out 50 € TTC.

Check-in and check out 90 € TTC.

For the purchase of these 2 services Check-in and Check-out, a discount of 10 € is offered.

“Easy check-out” with collection, cleaning, ironing and storage of linens and sheets, cleaning from 99 € *

(* On a basis of 4 beds, with a maximum area of ​​75 m² and two hours of cleaning, (€ 25.00 per cleaning hour and € 25.00 per additional bed.)

& Lt; 75 m² 99 € TTC & gt; 76 m² in & lt; 109 m² 129 € All tax included & gt; 110 m² in & lt; 159 m² 149 € All tax included & gt; 160 m² in & lt; 209 m² 169 € All tax included & gt; 210 m²

Price upon request

Check in + Check out with collection, cleaning and ironing of linen, cleaning from 149 € All tax included

(* On a basis of 4 beds, with a maximum area of ​​75 m² and two hours of cleaning, (€ 25.00 per cleaning hour and € 25.00 per additional bed.)

& Lt; 75 sqm 149 € including taxes & gt; 76 m² in & lt; 109 m² 179 € All tax included & gt; 110 m² in & lt; 159 m² 199 € All tax included & gt; 160 m² in & lt; 209 m² 219 € TTC & gt; 210 m²

Price upon request

It is recalled that as part of the cleaning service, the customer will have to ensure the presence in the accommodation of the linen and the sheets of replacement to ensure the rotation but also material and products in sufficient quantity to carry out this service .

Check S.O.S Solution – Troubleshooting

For any request to travel to your apartment for shopping or breakdowns 40 € TTC per hour.

Monitoring your apartment

We look after your apartment during your absence, 40 € TTC for each trip. For a regular formula, please contact hello@checkinthecity.fr.

5.2 – 2nd Option “Complete Concierge Service”

The company CITC is remunerated by the payment on reservation of 20% excluding taxes of the amount excluding taxes of the rental income for this service, except the interventions made necessary, after agreement of the customer, as to the possible damages, inherent or not of the or travelers, including loss of key, flood, fire, premature departure … and in case of force majeure.

In exchange for the payment of this percentage of 20% on the rental income, whose daily price was brought to the attention of the company CITC by the customer, the company CITC undertakes to provide the following benefit:

Full coverage of your apartment during your absence:

– If necessary, upload your apartment on the Airbnb platform with photos and description of the property, it being specified that the customer has previously been responsible for obtaining any specific authorization to his municipality, allowing him to make available legal of his property,

– Direct relationship with the traveler (s) and retranscription of the exchanges
customer by electronic communication with decision making of the reservation by the customer,
– Management of the calendar and the availabilities in agreement with the customer who will be sole decision-maker,
– Check-in, Check-out with collection, cleaning and ironing of linen described above and cleaning as described above.

As a decisive condition serving as a basis for calculating this benefit, the minimum remuneration due represents a sum of 20% on a minimum of 5 nights’ accommodation, with a minimum rental income of € 800 excluding tax (€ 960 including tax)

If, for any reason whatsoever, the duration of the stay is or becomes less, the customer agrees by the signature of the present contract for the service provided to be paid to the CITC company on the basis of a minimum of 5 nights or at the minimum price of the previous paragraph.

Exceptionally, and with the prior approval of the Company, the service provided may be for less than 5 nights, but in this case, the remuneration received by the Company must be at least 160 € HT ( 192 € TTC) according to the size and the number of beds.

Finally, additional services, described above and in particular the services “Check SOS – Solution – Troubleshooting” and “Monitoring” of your Accommodation “may also be proposed to the client who will have to agree to this particular care not coming in under the 20% flat rate.

6 – The Terms of Payment

CITC accepts the following forms of payment: check, transfer and / or cash

If the settlement of the CITC company’s service was that of the 20% percentage, it will be necessary to add the VAT rate in force at the time of the performance of the service.

The amounts provided above must be paid in advance and when booking the service being specified that the service can be performed before the full payment.

The details of the amount that will be collected by the CITC company in return for the services rendered will be included in the invoice communicated by the CITC company to the customer, which may include, if applicable, the services provided by third-party service providers after the client’s request and agreement.

The payment of the requested service will take place under the following conditions:

When the service request is made by the customer on the site of the CITC company, the validation of the service request will be able to intervene only after the on-line settlement of the sum TTC corresponding to the envisaged services


When the request for service is made by the customer through an email or a phone call, the amount due to the company CITC will be immediately due upon receipt of the invoice issued by it, and in any case, must be paid by the client before the performance of the requested service.

The CITC company will only be required to deliver the service after full payment of the agreed price, and CITC reserves the right to cancel the service requested by the customer in case of non-payment of the service before the beginning of its realization.

It is expressly agreed that the provision of services subscribed by the customer to a booking site is exclusively governed by the terms and conditions of this site and the cost of these services will not be included in the calculation of the base of the sum due to CITC.

As decisive conditions, the cancellation of a booking by the customer, the traveler or the booking site will not release the customer in any way from its obligation to pay the service provided by the company CITC.

7 – The Customer’s Bonds

In order to enable CITC to provide one or more services in accordance with the provisions hereof, the customer agrees to:

– Provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information on the accommodation and the traveler (s) as well as any other information that would be reasonably requested by the CITC company or that would be considered relevant for the provision of the selected services,
– Cooperate fully with the CITC company in the provision of services and provide the CITC company including key sets of housing, linens, equipment in working order and products in sufficient quantity necessary for the execution of the provision of CITC,
– Respond, without delay, to any request for information that may be formulated by the CITC company,
– Pay the company CITC any amount due for the services provided and / or any purchase made necessary for the maintenance of the house on presentation of an invoice paid (examples products, lamps …) and any other charge that may arise ,
– To refrain, directly or indirectly, from hiring or soliciting the services of any employee of CITC or any natural or legal person bound by a service contract with CITC without first obtaining his authorization express.

By accepting these general conditions, in the case where the customer subscribes to the services, he guarantees:

– That he / she is registered as a guest on the short-term rental website “Airbnb” and any other website that may be selected by the CITC Company, and that he / she has previously made all the declarations legal requirements.

– That he confirmed the reservation,
– that it is duly insured for the housing proposed for this provision and that it has all the authorizations to do so,
– The customer acknowledges and accepts that the CITC company does not intervene in the context of the present contract and these general conditions of sale as insurer, the customer and that this service performed is in no way treated as a state of affairs. places of exit.

It is therefore up to the customer to take out an appropriate insurance policy for the accommodation and its contents, to make sure not to leave valuables and to comply strictly with the laws in force, particularly with regard to safety and security. authorization to make available to the traveler or travelers the housing object of the agreement.

The client agrees to indemnify the company CITC and keep it harmless against any claim, liability, damage, loss or expense, including attorney’s fees, which would result, directly or indirectly, from the violation by the customer or the passenger or passengers of his obligations.

The customer guarantees on first request and without benefit of discussion against any appeal, request and claim of third parties and / or the traveler (s).

8 – Responsibilities

CITC informs the customer that they are solely responsible for valuables stored in the unit and that CITC can not be relied upon in any way whatsoever and can not be held responsible for anything that may occur on the property. any valuables and the general condition of the dwelling after the stay of the traveler (s).

The company CITC can not be held responsible for any deterioration of the accommodation, which would occur because of and travelers, and as a condition of this contract, the customer acknowledges that it can only engage the responsibility of the provider for the fulfillment of its tasks described in these general conditions of sale and in the case of any damage (found and proven) caused by the performance of its service and within the limits of the general conditions of sale subscribed by the customer.

Indeed, any agreement of a contractual nature relating to the occupation of the housing will be thus directly concluded between the customer and the traveler (s), the company CITC can not consequently incur any responsibility for a contestation, litigation or claim occurring in the context of the execution of the contract concluded between the customer and the traveler (s) and who would find his cause in:

– Any deterioration, degradation or damage caused or allegedly caused by the traveler (s) in the accommodation and / or common areas of the building in which the property is located,
– Any loss, theft or damage, caused or allegedly caused, by the traveler (s) to the contents of the accommodation,

– Any fact relating to the behavior of the traveler or his or her assessments of the place placed at his disposal.

The client can not make CITC responsible in case of non-compliance with the real estate laws in force in the city in which his property remains, the customer is therefore committed to comply with the provisions in force and in particular to make any declaration preliminary necessary and mandatory prior to the provision of housing and renounces seeking the liability of the provider and must offer its guarantee first request being noted that the company CITC has no power to conclude any form of contractual agreement between the client and the passenger (s) and whose purpose is to occupy the accommodation.

CITC will also not incur any liability for services provided by third parties, including third-party suppliers, and in the event of unavailability of a service selected by the client.

It is expressly agreed between the parties that the CITC Company can not incur any liability for the condition and / or security of the dwelling and the customer thus remains solely responsible for the condition and / or safety and / or insurance of the immovable property made available to the traveler or passengers and, more generally, its compliance with any applicable rules, laws or regulations and in particular any prior declaration that would be made mandatory.

CITC will not incur any liability to the Customer for any violation, established or alleged, of the provisions herein due to its delay in the performance of the Service or any breach, which would be caused by it, directly or indirectly, in an event outside the CITC’s control such as an event of force majeure, unavailability of housing, overbooking, bad weather, power failure, burglary, natural disaster, strike action by municipal or governmental authorities, acts of terrorism or war, civil unrest or any other similar event.

In no case, except where the law in force or a written agreement so requires, the company CITC will not be held responsible for consequential, consecutive or non-consecutive damages such as in particular the commercial prejudice, the commercial disorder, the loss of profit, the loss of control, the expected loss of economy, the operating loss, the loss of image, resulting from the execution of these presents and if such damage occurs as a result of negligence or contractual breach CITC or one of its agents, employees or third parties.

Subject to the legal provisions in force, CITC’s liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the performance of this Agreement and any services rendered (including, but not limited to, damage to property or property) shall be limited to the greater of following amounts:

– the amount corresponding to the replacement cost of the service in question,
– The amount corresponding to the remuneration paid by the client to the CITC company during the last twelve (12) days preceding the occurrence of the damage or loss.

By entrusting the keys to the accommodation, the client expressly authorizes access to his home to any employee of the company CITC and agent commissioned by it.

9 – Insurance and commitments

The company CITC is insured with the company “Beazley Solutions Limited”, up to € 100,000 in the limit of coverage by the loss and insurance period, the insurance policy can be communicated on request of the customer.

The customer is solely responsible for the indications provided regarding the configuration of the property and will be required to request a service in accordance with the characteristics of this accommodation, the customer can not seek any liability from the company CITC if the information given was incorrect and / or false and declares that the information and visuals disclosed on the booking site correspond to the reality and are not encumbered by rights by third parties (copyright, image rights and others …)

The customer is reminded that he must only offer accommodation if he is insured, in accordance with the legislation in force and the customer declares, under his sole responsibility, that he has an accommodation which is actually insured and can accommodate one or travellers

The client agrees upon request to provide CITC, a certificate of insurance compliant and in force at the signing of this contract and this certificate of insurance will be updated each year on the anniversary date of renewal of insurance thus justifying a possibility of mobilization of the guarantees for any occupation and this in accordance with the general conditions of which the customer became aware at the time of the signature of this contract.

The client, if he is not the owner, will also have to give a certificate of the owner authorizing the provision of the accommodation by a traveler or travelers and expressly declares that he complies with the tax and other rules in force.

In any case, the company CITC can not be held responsible for any violation of these obligations and the customer will have its guarantee, on first request and without benefit of discussion in the opposite case, being reminded that the company CITC intervenes only as provider to this provision.

10 – Cancellations and Terminations

10.1 Cancellations

The customer can withdraw a service request and cancel the corresponding service no later than 24 hours before the start of the performance of the service by simply sending an authenticated e-mail.

Any remuneration that would have been paid by the customer for the canceled service within the specified period will be reimbursed by the CITC company to the customer within 8 days after the cancellation of the service.

However, no refund will be made when the request for cancellation of the service has been communicated to the CITC company by the customer within less than 24 hours from the beginning of the performance of the service.

However, in this case and for commercial purposes, the amount of remuneration paid by the customer will be credited to the customer’s account and may be used in the context of a future service request less the services ordered and performed.

10.2 Terminations

The contract agreed between the parties may be terminated at any time by a simple letter, with proof of receipt of this request for termination, and this after the last reservation provided by the company CITC.

The cancellation of the customer’s account on the site “Check In The City” in case of non-compliance with the provisions of the contract and the general conditions of sale may also occur at any time and will result in the immediate termination of the contractual relationship concluded between the company CITC and the client.

In the event of termination of the customer’s “Check In The City” account, CITC will immediately cease providing Customer with its services

The remuneration due by the client for the services provided by the CITC Company, until the date of termination hereof, will be due immediately after the cancellation and receipt by the customer of the final invoice of the balance of the and which will be issued by CITC.

10.3 – Retraction

The customer has a period of 14 days to withdraw under the contract that he could sign through the website of the company CITC and / or sale off premises.

To this end, it has within the framework of these general conditions of sale a withdrawal letter, also available on the website of the company CITC open access, which must be sent by the customer to the company CITC by any means and in particular by sending it to the following address: Check In The City 43 rue du General Delestraint 75016 Paris.

This withdrawal period begins to run from the signing of the agreement by the parties and ends 14 days after the signing of this contract.

The customer, who has validly submitted this request for withdrawal within the period of 14 days, will be able to be reimbursed, without fees, the sums advanced and within less than 8 days of receipt by the company CITC of the request for retraction in conformity.

It is expressly agreed that the customer who has requested a service within a period of less than 14 days must pay the service provided on the basis of the article
5.1 of these general conditions, if and only if, this intervention is canceled less than 24 hours before the service to be performed.

The customer who will request the intervention of the company CITC within less than 14 days agrees to waive the payment of 7 days and agrees to pay for the service performed and / or service not canceled within the deadline 24 hours before the programming date of this intervention.

It is expressly stipulated that during the first service request period, the client will also have a right to reimbursement of the sums paid without the client being exposed at the least cost, minus the services provided by CITC. and this in accordance with the previous paragraph.

It is expressly agreed that any services that have been paid in advance and that have not been executed can be reimbursed within a period of less than 8 days from receipt of the withdrawal request.

11 -Informatiques et Libertés – Personal Data

The information of personal information collected under these terms and conditions of sale (GTC) is mandatory and this information is also made necessary for the performance of services performed by employees and / or external service providers because the lack of information prevents the proper operation services offered online by CITC.

For this purpose, the customer expressly gives permission to dispose of this information and to communicate it to fulfill its mission and only in this context.

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and the liberties, the treatment of the nominative information collected on the site was the object of a declaration near the National Commission of the ‘Informatique et Libertés under the number 2065206v0.

In order to ensure the processing, the follow-up and the connection between the traveler (s) and the service providers, the CITC company must necessarily process the personal data of the customer which he himself has given to the booking site of accommodation

This processed data will therefore be transmitted to the CITC company and, if applicable, to the partners concerned, depending on the choices made by the client.

After express agreement of the customer when collecting his personal data, the company CITC reserves the right to transmit its data to commercial partners and the customer may be brought to receive from the CITC company and / or, if necessary from the partners, e-mails or SMS containing information on the services and activities of CITC.

The customer who has given his prior consent by ticking the box to this effect retains the right to refuse a posteriori such communication by expressing his refusal by email.

The customer has, in any case, a right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal information collected by the company CITC concerning.

To exercise this right, the customer can send an e-mail to CITC at hello@checkinthecity.fr or send an e-mail to: Check In The City SARL, 43 Rue du General Delestraint – 75016 Paris indicating his name, first name, e-mail and address.

In accordance with the regulations in force, all applications must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity card bearing the signature of the applicant and specify the address to which the reply must be sent.

A reply will be sent to the customer within 1 month of receiving the request.

The company CITC undertakes not to collect or process personal information called “behavior” of the customer, as defined by the Ordinance n ° 2011-1012 of 24 August 2011 relating to electronic communications.

12 – Intellectual Property Law

The company CITC owns the mark “Check In The City” which is a trademark registered with the INPI under the number 154181793.

The company CITC is therefore the exclusive owner of the intellectual rights on this brand but also on its site and in particular all texts, comments, books, illustrations, videos and images, whether visual or sound, reproduced on its website as well as its databases of which it is the producer.

All these intellectual creations are protected under copyright, trademark, patent law, sui generis database law and image rights for the entire world.

These creations are the full property of CITC.

However, it grants customers a license to reproduce and display the contents of the site, but only and strictly for their personal use in the context of viewing this site and the use of its services.

This license, however, excludes the right of customers to modify, copy, translate, distribute, publish, transmit, distribute, produce, display or assign the rights of any content appearing on its site and through it.

As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, only the use for private use is allowed.

Any other use is constitutive of counterfeit and sanctioned under the title of the Intellectual property except preliminary authorization of the company CITC

In addition, the client acknowledges that the visuals and texts he has disclosed on the booking site and that could be useful for the provision of his home and that could be given to the CITC fully respect the rights of third parties and the right to the image, the right to the personality and that any claim of a third in this respect would be under the sole responsibility of the customer who will have to guarantee the company CITC any claim, action, request and on first request.

– 13: Force Majeure

Any event beyond the control of CITC and against which it could not reasonably protect itself is a case of force majeure and suspends in this respect the obligations of the parties, as for example without this list being restrictive: a strike or a technical breakdown (EDF, ERDF, telecommunications operators, Internet access or hosting providers, etc.), a power supply shutdown (such as electricity), a failure of the electronic communication network.

The company CITC can not be held responsible, or considered as having failed in its obligations, for any non-performance related to a case of force majeure as defined by law and French jurisprudence.

In the event of such an event, the contract is suspended for a period of thirty (30) days from the occurrence of the case of force majeure.

During this period, the parties undertake to find an alternative solution and if after fifteen (15) days of discussions between the parties, no solution was found, the present contract would be terminated automatically by the sending of a simple registered letter without any compensation being due.

The occurrence of a case of force majeure does not entitle to any compensation in favor of each of the parties.

14 – About the content of this agreement

Each of the parties warrants that it has the capacity and authority to commit hereunder and has obtained, if necessary, all the necessary authorizations to do so.

The parties expressly agree that CITC may not act in the performance of this Agreement, either expressly or implicitly, as agent, employee or partner of the client.

The contractual relationship as it results from the present and the agreed contract can not characterize, in any case, any mandate contract, partnership contract, agent contract, employment contract, association, joint venture, or joint venture between the parties.

Each party acknowledges that the present general conditions, the agreed contract, its possible annexes and the conditions of use of the website “Check In The City” as well as the policy of protection of the personal data constitute the entirety of the agreement as well as the will of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written or agreements relating to the subject matter hereof.

No modification hereof will be valid unless it is the subject of a written agreement signed by the parties.

The parties agree that these terms and conditions are fair and reasonable.

The invalidity of any of the stipulations herein, for any reason whatsoever, will in no way affect the validity of the other stipulations of the general conditions, whatever they may be.

The parties will negotiate in good faith to substitute for the relevant stipulation another valid stipulation which as far as possible could have the same effect or an effect similar to that contemplated by the stipulation concerned.

Failure to exercise, in whole or in part, any of the rights resulting from the stipulations herein may not constitute waiver of the benefit of these rights for the future or any other rights resulting therefrom.

Article 15 – Applicable Law – – Settlement of Disputes – Mediation

The service provided is governed by French law which is the only applicable and this service is therefore exclusively reserved for persons legally able to subscribe to contracts under French law.

In the event of simple difficulties in fulfilling the obligations contained in the contract, the parties will first of all seek an amicable solution.

The parties also undertake to attempt to amicably resolve any dispute that may arise between them, on the occasion of this contract, and in particular through mediation, at the initiative of the party concerned. more diligent, who will seek the appointment of a mediator who undertakes to formulate a proposal for conciliation, within one month of his referral.

The costs of mediation will be borne by half, by each of the parties.

In the event that they do not succeed, any dispute or dispute to which the contract could give rise as to its validity as to its interpretation, execution or termination, will be brought before the competent courts of Paris.